Trey and Susan Adventures

Our final week in Colorado Springs was spent helping with the Recreation Vehicle Safety and Education Foundation Annual Conference. This is the same conference we attended in Kentucky our first week on the road in 2011. Last fall we had a unique opportunity to join with that foundation as a new weighing team, and we eagerly took it. As we travel, we will give tire and weight safety seminars and weigh RVs by wheel position.

The weekend before the conference, we met up with Howard and Linda Payne, the weighing team coordinators. We sat through a tire and weight seminar Howard presented and then weighed RVs with them the next day. We learned a great deal about their procedures and asked many questions about how they handle different situations. We missed an opportunity to learn from them earlier this Spring, so we were grateful to get this 'make-up' class to get the last of our training finished. We were also able to eat dinner with them during the conference and spent hours getting to know them better. We are really looking forward to working with them and Walter and Amy, the Executive Director of RVSEF and his wife.

The Conference seemed to go extremely well. We helped where we could but there were so many folks who had done this before and knew what to do - our jobs were pretty easy. We really enjoyed meeting new folks. Many of the attendees had not purchased RVs yet and were looking for information so they could make wise choices. Most of those helping with the conference had years of experience with the RV lifestyle and we enjoyed learning from them.

It was a good, but exhausting week. We left a day early so that we could stop by the Whites and then drive to Chicago.


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