Trey and Susan Adventures

We have been in Florida almost six weeks and have yet to see a manatee. Things were looking grim because we were planning to leave the area by late afternoon (rain was forecast and we wanted to avoid the worst of it - sound familiar at all?) We met with Walter and Amy one last time Monday morning and they took us to a small marina off Merritt Island to see if we could spot a couple of manatee before we left. We were hopeful, but not counting on anything.


As we walked up to the dock, we saw a few surfacing quickly, but too quickly to snap the camera. A few bubbles surfaced near the dock and then this evidence of manatee floated to the surface. We knew we were close!


After a few minutes, we got a snout here and a tail there. It was really pretty cool! Sometimes they would quickly pop to the surface and just a quickly disappear. Other times they would quietly and gently roll head to tail, revealing one body part at a time. Most of our pictures are of ripples on the water, not of the targeted manatee.


We thought we'd try to get a video to see if our timing was any better. Seconds after we began recording, things got quite frisky. We were able to get over five minutes of video, but we will only subject you to a few seconds.

It was an awesome show! We had really resigned ourselves to not seeing any of these great beasts on this trip but were thrilled to have this last minute opportunity. Thanks, Walter and Amy for taking the time to let us experience this!

We will be out of Florida by Tuesday, headed toward somewhat colder climates. It was a good stay and we really enjoyed our time there!


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