Trey and Susan Adventures

We are currently at an RV Rally in Daytona Beach, FL. We are parked inside the track. We drove through the main entrance tunnel yesterday afternoon and followed the various interior roads to our parking spot on the opposite side of the field. Our window offers a view of Turn 4 about 200 feet away. We are pretty tightly packed in here - over 3,000 RVs are supposed to show up for the weekend. It's difficult to get a good picture because large RVs are blocking the view most anywhere you try.

All of the venues and seminars are in the buildings here on the premises: most in the various garages that are not currently in use. The track doesn't seem as wide as what we've seen on TV, but the curves are definitely as angled as they appear - maybe even more so! We are not really racing fans, but it is pretty cool staying inside the track. We have been pretty busy since we arrived, but will try to get more pictures up soon.

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