Trey and Susan Adventures

Gaffney, SC

Our time in South Carolina's been busy, but we've been able to take in a few nice sights. While staying in Gaffney, we were able to take a drive along the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway. One of our first stops was for lunch as a local hot dog and hamburger stand called the Dog House. We each ordered a buffalo burger and they arrived in aluminum dog bowls. The burgers were delicious, but we aren't sure what we think about the bowls!

The further we drove along Highway 11, the more scenic it became. We stopped at a couple of state parks and took a few moments to enjoy the views from there.

Orangeburg, SC

After leaving Northern South Carolina, we traveled toward Orangeburg for a conference. We found a small RV park with simple sites along a small lake. From the reviews we read, we thought we'd stay until the conference was over, then move on. Once we got here, we decided to stay a couple of extra days, then Hurricane Sandy showed up and now we are staying through the weekend. This was our sunrise the first morning:

We've taken walks around the lake each evening. We don't go quickly because there is so much to see. Some of the property beyond the lake is planted with sunflowers, corn, and peanuts - all ready to be harvested. It was difficult leaving the basket at home knowing we would pass these harvests while out!

There were some visually pleasing sights as well. This oak tree is between our rig and the water. The entire tree is impressive, but the tree's structure is what caught our eye.

Here is an abandoned bird's nest overhanging the water. We didn't notice it until our third walk.

The colors of the trees have been amazing, too. On the far side of the lake, the trees create a wall of color that demonstrates the best of Fall. Since taking this picture two days ago, winds have removed almost half of the leaves from the trees, but it is still beautiful from a distance.

The gnats on these evening walks have been irritatingly fascinating. They swarm in columns called "ghosts" just above bare spots in the ground. Walking toward the sun, you can easily spot these gnat columns, as seen in the picture. When you don't have the benefit of the sun, you will not realize you have walked right through a column of these pests until it is too late. Cough! Spft! Snort! Yuck!

We had a pleasant surprise last night. The setting sun reflecting on Hurricane Sandy's clouds made the sky a wonder. We sat on the bed of the truck and watched it fade.

We just love our changing backyards and the opportunity to see the beauty of God's power and design!

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