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This past week we've been in Hutchinson, KS at the Heavy Duty Truck Rally (HDT Rally.) This is our third year here.

This is an opportunity for folks with big trucks or folks interested in the safety of Hauling with an RV to get together and share experiences, learn more about their trucks, and develop a network of friends on the road.

We've been spending time with folks we've met before and meeting new folks each day. Learning names of new friends is probably the most difficult part of the week but fortunately most don't mind introducing themselves multiple times!


There are about forty HDTs and trailers here from all over the country, about five to ten regular pickup truck and trailers, and a few folks staying in hotels "just looking". We came to the HDT Rally in 2010 in our SUV and stayed in a hotel. You would think after having our rig for the past eighteen months we would be past that wide-eyed gawky stage, but it is still incredible to see so many large trucks and learn all that their owners have done to modify them for RV use.

The variety of talent and abilities exhibited through various individuals is mind boggling and the backgrounds and histories are as varied and diverse as you could find anywhere. There are motorcycles, smart cars, jeeps, golf carts, scooters, regular cars, and even Segways (Susan learned to ride one) hauled or pulled by these trucks. Most folks are retired, but there are a surprising number of folks working on the road. There are those who live full time in their RV's and those who have a home from which  they travel. Some find a place they like and stay there for 3-6 months at a time and some are moving a couple of times each week. There are doctors, lawyers, musicians, veterans, welders, bus drivers, conservatives, liberals, marathon runners and ice cream eaters. About the only type of person we haven't met are politicians - at least none that admit to it! Travel and HDTs bring everyone together and make for a very enjoyable week.

All but one of the HDT trucks are pictured here. There is another picture with all vehicles in it (smaller trucks, smart cars, people, etc), but I don't have access to that yet. Our truck is in the back row on the far right.

The rally ends tomorrow, but we'll wait to leave until Sunday to avoid driving in the rain.

Next week we travel to South Carolina to a Pastor's Conference. We appreciate your prayers for safety and effective communication. More on that later.

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