Trey and Susan Adventures

Well, we headed Northeast to Minnesota. Neither of us had been to Minnesota before and we decided it was time. Besides, temps were 5-10* cooler there!
Our first two nights were in Pipestone, MN in the Southwest corner.
We stayed in a nice campground with wild turkeys...

One of only two concrete water towers eve built...

and another beautiful sunset across vast grasslands.

Thursday morning, we walked to Pipestone National Monument about a mile away and toured the museum and walked the circle trail. Pipestone is a deep red soft rock that Indians used to make pipes for centuries. There are examples on the entrance sign. The darker stones are Pipestone (we think).

Here is a quick pictoral overview of our excursion. The walking tour was very pretty. We walked through grasslands and a lake on our way to the cliffs and quarries.

Once near the cliffs, we saw beautiful quartz and pipestone. There was also a small waterfall. We saw the falls from above and below.

Here is a formation called The Oracle.

We also walked past many working quarries on the way back. Only Indians are allowed to mine for pipestone here and sometimes it takes five years to get permission. This is the road through the quarries. Uneeded stones are removed and line the path.

We wanted to stay through the weekend to see the Civil War Festival but, alas, there was no room in the inn. The RV park was booked this weekend so we will move on. We're thinking Minneapolis, probably.

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