Trey and Susan Adventures

After leaving the suburbs of Chicago, we drove to Winterset, Iowa. This area is known for it's covered bridges. We decided to stop an extra day and do a little exploring.
We stayed in a city RV park in Winterset and they had many things to do there. The park was lovely and had several playgrounds, one covered bridge, and miles of hiking/riding trails. Here is a hedge maze planted by the city years ago. The hedges were about eight feet tall, and it was fun trying to find the sundial in the middle.

There was a 2 mile trail leading to a tower erected for the founders of the area. The two mile part wasn't difficult, but the 150+ foot elevation was daunting. We checked it on an topo app after we got home. We went up and down that elevation several times before we came to the tower and then had to return along a similar path. The first time we rode it, we forgot the camera, so we had to ride again to get pictures.

The next day was covered bridge day. Most of the Covered bridges were within 30 miles of our park, so we took off in the morning planning to hit all six by lunch. Our first stop was the welcome center. The preservation society bought this church after two congregations merged. It was restored nicely.

Maps in hand, we began our quest. Although we did travel paved roads between exits, most of the bridges were off gravel roads and that was an interesting experience on the scooter! Here are some of the pics we shot.
Bridge01 bridge02 bridge03 bridge04 bridge05 bridge06 bridge06a
We were gone well past lunch, but it was worth the extra time to see the bridges and the farmland in between.
Winterset was a charming little town in a very pretty area. If you are in central Iowa with an extra day or two, you ought to visit.
We moved on to Lincoln, NE the next day. We've been in Lincoln just over a week now. The first week we stayed at our old familiar RV Park and got another chance to visit with Earl. After waiting for the ground to dry between rainstorms, we moved out to Roca, NE on Wednesday. Clyde did a great job of preparing the site and it is a lovely spot. We have woods and the Whites house to the East and a garden and distant fields to the West. Not sure how long we will stay here this time, but we will be here off and on as time goes by.
Monday morning Susan goes in for a root canal - the first dental procedure since her wisdom teeth were removed when she was sixteen. ACK! The procedure will be at the Corn-husker Dental School. We'll see how well these farmer boys can handle a drill and how merciful they are to Texans!

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