Trey and Susan Adventures

We returned to Chicago last Friday and found a new campground in a western suburb called Elgin. We were able to back in to a site on the backside of the park and are enjoying a grand view of grasslands with a small wooded area behind it. We haven't stayed in many back in sites to this point and have missed out on the view and privacy that these type of sites provide.We are enjoying every minute of it here. It has been mostly sunny with temps in the 70's most days. The breezes have cooled the trailer during the day, and kept us quite cold at night. Although Trey fixed the thermostat on the AC before we left Indiana, we have had few opportunities to use it. This is the kind of weather we would desire year round!

This park has numerous walking trails and several bike paths. There are also bike paths in adjoining neighborhoods we have yet to explore. It has been fun to grab the camera and take off for a 15 minute or hour plus ride and enjoy what the park has to offer. Many others drive to this park to walk, run, or bike the paths. There are also paths suitable for horses and several trailers have pulled in to try them out. Even when you don't pass a horse on a trail, there is usually evidence that they have been there recently.

The scenery is lush and beautiful and animals abound, though some of the animals are camera shy. Here are just a few shots we have been able to catch of scenery and wildlife.

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Monday evening we were working outside our trailer when a couple walked by and asked about the truck. After talking for a bit, we learned that they were a month away from retirement. They were walking because a realtor was showing their home to a prospective buyer. As soon as their home sold, they're going to hit the road full time. They had just purchased a fifth wheel and just were waiting for their jobs to end and their house to sell. What an exciting time for them! Hopefully they will take another walk soon and we can learn more about them.

Tuesday began two days in downtown Chicago. More on that in our next blog!

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