Trey and Susan Adventures

We spent the week in Elkhart, IN surrounded by Veterans - appropriate neighbors for Memorial Day weekend. This week was a mixture of work and play. Most mornings we either ran errands or went sightseeing. We've already lost track of the day by day descriptions, so we will just post a week's worth in one big pile.

Trey set up the scooter so that we could get an internet signal on our small tablet. this picture is from seat compartment. We purchased the tablet when we left Austin in lieu of a GPS. It was cheaper and we could do so much more than navigate. For instance, once we learn how to update Facebook on the tablet, we can post from anywhere! You can tell that updating Facebook isn't high on our priority list.


One day we rode to the neighboring town of South Bend, IN. There were a couple of errands we needed to do and while there, we stopped by Notre Dame. It was a beautiful campus and we enjoyed the shady streets and brick buildings. We didn't really stop there, just stayed long enough to get a few pictures. School was not in session, so the campus was pretty quiet.


On another morning we visited the Shipshewana Flea Market. It covers over a hundred acres and certainly kept us entertained for a few hours. Our purchases that day could fit in your back pocket (Trey bought a wallet) but it was nice walk and we saw some interesting things.

Here the view from our parking space. We were on row six and the day had barely begun.


Here's an Ice Cream Vendor using an engine from an old International Harvester. It certainly sounded like an old farm engine! No, we didn't try any. It was still morning when we were there.


This is Tom and Joe. They were two of our neighbors at the RV park back in Elkhart. We caught them taking a break at one of the the pavilions in the flea market. There were four food pavilions and they had tested each one. It seems their wives had more shopping stamina than they did. Besides, someone needed to stay with the stuff! We had several good conversations with these couples back a the RV park, and it was certainly fun running in to them at the flea market that day. We almost met up again at lunch, be we just missed them.



All along the Northern Indiana area, there are quilt gardens. Most of these had just been planted in the last week but they are already pretty. We'd love to see them a month from now! This site has pictures of more mature gardens from previous years. The lower left garden is from our campground. I am guessing there are many gardens in the area not on the official list.


One last Elkhart sighting was the Elk themselves. Austin may have it's guitars, and Lincoln it's bicycles, but Elkhart definitely has the corner on artistic Elk!


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