Trey and Susan Adventures

This week in Chicago we attended the Moody Pastors Conference. We set up a booth for Monday afternoon.


About 1,000 pastors were expected to attend and there were 50-60 exhibitors there. We were on the last row, but the “free T-shirt” booth was just a few booths down from us, so we saw good traffic. By the end of the week we had only one sample DVD left over and we had to print extra fliers when we got home at night. We also were able to hand out most of the business cards. We wanted to design new ones anyway. We talked over several ideas for what we might do differently next time and constantly evaluated how to be more effective in all aspects of this ministry. We both felt this was a great conference for us and the pastors seemed to really like it as well.

Just like the conference in Denver last fall, we met some great folks exhibiting around us. There was plenty of common interest and conversation all around us. One gentleman across from us saw something on one of our monitors that made him walk over to our booth. “That’s Clyde White!” He went back and got his wife and when she saw the demo of Clyde teaching, she almost hugged the screen. It was great getting to know them (Ned and Missy Horsfall) and learning how our lives intertwined. Our healthcare organization for the past 16 years was there and when the president of the organization arrived, the gentleman we talked to brought him over to our booth to meet us. Christian Healthcare Ministries continues to impress us. Other vendors kept us busy with conversations ranging from the church in America to amazing pizza, and from Biblical literacy to baseball. Working around folks like this made long hours on your feet enjoyable.

One of the pastors who walked by also recognized the sample video playing at our booth. He'd just begun a senior position at a church which was in the middle of showing the Walk-Through video series for Sunday School. He liked the series and told a pastor-friend about it. There seemed to be great reception to the series by pastors in general and curiosity about what else will be developed. It will be interesting to see what comes from the contacts.

While in the city we did get a chance to eat pizza and hot dogs - no trip to Chicago would be complete with out those treats! No pictures this time - we were just too busy with other things, but you can find older ones here. Since Joliet is about 50 miles from the city, we rented a car and drive into town each day. The rental company was out of economy cars, so we were upgraded to a sports car. I don't remember what kind it was, but it was very low to the ground and the speedometer went to 160 MPH. No, we did not test its capabilities! We made the official declaration after four days crammed in that car that we much prefer comfort to speed and agility. Talk about a rough ride!

Now we set about the task of getting the latest video graphics completed and on to the duplicator; then completing transcribing for captioning and later, translations. We currently are in Elkhart, IN for a quiet week of work before heading back west. We hope to get much accomplished and do a bit of exploring as time and weather allow. Stay tuned!

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