Trey and Susan Adventures

Scooter Problems Behind Us

Our scooter issues were resolved by noon Wednesday, so after a quick lunch with Trey's dad, we departed Austin.  Rain was expected through the end of the week in Central Texas, but Thursday was supposed to be dry up the I-35 corridor. We prefer to drive on dry roads.  We are grateful to  AF1 Racing in downtown Austin who are great people. Brent, Anita and the rest of the staff there are gracious, kind, knowledgeable, and skilled in what they do. If you want to consider a scooter or motorcycle or need service on one of these machines, then going there would be a wise choice.

Good Days to Drive

After stopping for a delicious chocolate malt at Health Camp in Waco (don't let the name fool you), we drove across the border to Paul's Church, OK and found a Walmart parking lot to set up in for the night. We were on the road about an hour longer than we planned, but the parking lots were full further south. With temps in the 60's most of the night, it was a pretty comfortable sleep.

This morning we continued our northerly route. The sun was shining and the scenery was pretty all day. No complaints about blue skies, green grass, and a tail wind!

Hot Dogs and Justin

As we passed through Wichita, KS, we were able to stop and see a long time friend and have Hot dogs with Him. While the Hotdog was good and cheap the star of this encounter was one of the treasures of our lives (The people we have been able to serve). We met Justin Price when he was about 13 or 14 years old. We had lost touch the past ten years, but when we met up today we were able to catch up on a lot.

Justin has had an incredible journey to this point and it is wonderful to see God's care for him in the circumstance he has found himself. He is currently working as an intern at a church in Wichita and driving a school bus to make ends meet. That, coupled with taking online classes to earn his degree keeps him quite busy. We really look forward to making this a regular stop on future trips through Kansas or where ever he may end up. It really made our hearts light to listen to how he has grown  and what God was doing in his life.

We left Wichita with smiles on our faces and lots of good things to talk about. Corn was a pretty consistent crop during our two day drive. In Texas, the corn was almost waist high, in Oklahoma it was about knee high. Corn was just sprouting in Kansas, and by the time we hit Nebraska, a few of the fields weren't even plowed under yet. We are very aware of the corn crop because we thoroughly enjoyed the Nebraska corn last year. Sweet yellow goodness!

We ended the evening in Lincoln, NE where we are once again in the campsite next to our friend, Earl. He is the gentleman who we stayed near last summer in Lincoln and then again in Buda over the winter. We haven't seen him in a couple of months so it was good to catch up a bit this evening.

We will be in Lincoln for a week before we move on. Looking forward to spending some time with Clyde and Bev.

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