Trey and Susan Adventures

Well, we ended up staying the past four months at Crestview RV Center in Buda, TX. We were right across the street from Cabela's and while we did spend a few evening walks wandering the store, not much financial damage was done.

It was a mild winter and we had very few freezes. There was much rain and after the summer this area had, rain was greatly needed, we're grateful. Even with the wet winter, Central Texas is still in a major drought.

Work filled most of our time this winter.  At other times, we were able to spend some time with family and friends but not as much as we would have liked. It was good to be able to be a part of our church body again. We will miss that a great deal when we leave. We are already in the process of saying goodbye - that's never fun.

A few interesting things happened during out time in Buda - here is a quick overview:

We stored our Dodge Durango in Austin while we traveled last year. It was nice to have a vehicle, but some maintenance was required upon our return.

Now that our winter jobs are done and we have the scooter to haul on the truck, we plan to sell the Durango (already sold the van - lots of treasured time with some of the greatest teens in the world in that van, value - priceless).

One afternoon we heard a few fire trucks but didn't think  much of it. We lived a few blocks from the fire station and there were always sirens going past. About ten minutes later Trey walked outside and saw this scene.

The man who owned the fifth wheel on the row behind was away when his space heater ignited something inside his trailer. It burned beyond repair. It all happened within 100 feet of our trailer and we didn't know anything was going on until the fire was out - we're really with it,... duh! With 20-30 mph winds that day, it could have been much worse. What a quick response by the Buda Fire Department!

We had a couple of interesting neighbors. This one was by far the most tasty!

We have worked quite a bit on the Truck and Trailer, but didn't accomplish near as much as we wanted. Rain and winter jobs slowed us down quite a bit. The truck is running well after a winter's rest. The past few weeks we took care of some routine maintenance and we are now ready to go.

Today we moved from our site in Buda and will dry-camp for a few days. Then we'll leave Central Texas for another 9 months. The air smells like fresh grass and the wildflowers are abundant. So glad we stayed here long enough to see Spring arrive! Play Ball!

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