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We mentioned in our last post that our Kentucky plans had changed. We were supposed to meet another RVing couple, Marv and Connie, as they made their way to the east coast. We received an email the day before we were supposed to meet. Just west of St Louis, they encountered rain and heavy traffic. They were rear-ended by a bus and had their fifth wheel totaled. Their hitch took a hard hit, but held and their truck was undamaged. Well, they were taking it to the Volvo shop on Monday to get it checked out. We are waiting to hear the results. Marv and Connie have been full-timing for eleven years. They had this fifth wheel for seven years and loved it. We know it must have been difficult to know they couldn't live in it any longer, but they had such great attitudes and relied on God's grace to endure these difficulties. It was wonderful to meet and talk with them and  a privilege to see their godly response in person.

Though Marv offered to meet up half way, it was not difficult for us to meet them in St. Louis. So, we loaded up the truck and headed west. We made our way across the Mississippi again. We crossed it earlier on our way to Chicago. This is the view of the Great River at I-70, entering St Louis.

Why were we meeting Marv and Connie? They were selling a scooter and it seemed a good fit for us.

We have been functioning with just the truck and our bicycles for seven months. It has been doable, but we felt we needed something in-between. Last April, we both took a motorcycle safety course and got motorcycle endorsements on our driver's license. The Piaggio MP3 400ie seems to meet our needs. It has an extra front wheel for more stability and traction, we can ride together, and there is more storage than on any other scooter we've seen.

If we have to drive long distances or on the interstate, we will take the truck. If it is a short trip and there are sidewalks or bike paths, we will ride the bikes. There are many trips that fall in between those two conditions and the Piaggio will be our option for those times.

After we left St. Louis, we headed South and landed in Branson, MO. We took a day to tour some of the downtown area but didn't take in any shows. It was interesting watching folks on the street. It is like an over 60's playground here. With few exceptions, we were the youngest folk on the street. Seniors in pairs and in small groups were everywhere: talking loudly and in whispers, laughing, giggling, dancing (the dancing ones told me they were practicing for a show later!) It really wasn't much different than when we traveled with teens. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time. Back at the campground, there was a band of four or five seniors roaming the RV rows and we could easily imagine them fifty to sixty years ago roaming the streets as teens. We talked to them for a bit - they were from central Texas - go figure!

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