Trey and Susan Adventures

We moved into construction mode the first part of the week. Clyde has a spot along a path in the yard that is a good reading/praying/thinking spot. Before we left Lincoln for the Colorado Conference, we talked about building a small deck for him and Bev there. Up to this point it has just been a single chair off the side of the path. After church on Sunday we went to their house to survey the area and confirm what Clyde wanted.

Monday morning we ate breakfast, hit a couple of lumber yards, reconfigured the deck (based on what was available) and headed to the Whites to begin construction. There were tons of leaves, one stump, and some underbrush that needed to be cleared, but that went quickly. We were set up and almost level by lunchtime.

Bev made us a wonderful pot roast so we took a break for lunch. By the end of the day, we had squared and leveled the foundation of the deck.

Tuesday morning we picked up the decking and necessary supplies and headed back to the Whites. Tuesday's work went quickly and by the end of the afternoon we had an useable deck. Trim pieces still need to be added and stained to cover the board edges and critter wire, but it will probably remain like this until Spring. We just hope it is a mild winter so that the Whites have an opportunity to enjoy it a bit before then.

It was fun working together on this and it felt good to have sore muscles. There was only minor blood (Susan scratched her finger loading lumber onto the cart the first morning!) and no cross words. You can't do much better than that!

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