Trey and Susan Adventures

As stated in the last post, we attended the Heavy Duty Truck Rally in Hutchinson, Kansas all last week. There wasn't much down time, so we apologize for the lack up updates.  We will, however, try to give you a quick overview of our week.

The Rally Schedule was pretty full and when we weren't attending the seminars, we were pretty much meeting and talking with people there. There were 40 big trucks plus a few truck conversion (big truck with an RV built on back), smaller pickups, and Class B Motorhomes. Here is a group photo taken last Thursday:

Our truck is the Maroon truck on the back row - we are standing somewhere in the crowd upfront.

A ground view of part of the first row:

There were many sizes and types of truck (all big) and the truck beds were even more varied. Some trucks just had fenders to cover the real wheels, some had simple beds (like us), some had garages,

while other trucks had hydraulic lift systems for smart cars to ride on back (here is one just tilting up to unload).

This is what our camping row looked like - we are the maroon truck on the end of the left side that you can barely see:

The people were great. It was seven straight days of talking, listening and learning, so we can't begin to tell you all the different people we met and things we learned - but we can summarize! There was a couple coming "off the road" meaning they were leaving the full time lifestyle and returning to a sticks and bricks home. they sold their truck and fifth wheel at the rally. It was a little sad talking to them about that transition. There were at least five couples there who had new (to them) HDTs - we were part of that group. There was a young couple camping with our group - actually, they set up house in one of the truck garages loaned to them. We had them over for dinner one night and had a good visit.) There was a family of six living full time in an RV - all kids under 10 yrs old - what a great way to grow up! There was a couple who had just been married two weeks! And there were more pets than people overall We are thinking that maybe 80% of the couples had at least one pet. Susan definitely got her dog fix and will be good to go for a while. Though the majority of the folks were retired, there were some working on the road (like us), and others had real jobs back home. Maybe half of the people full-timed, the other half had homes somewhere where they stayed part of the year. We both got to drive a Smart car and found it a comfortable ride. Trey is trying to figure out how to get one and put it on the back of the bed.

We realized too late that we didn't take many pictures at all - sorry there isn't more to share. Regrettable oversight on our part. I am sure we will post this and realize there was much more we wanted to say. Shorter and more frequent posts would prevent this I'm sure.

Thank you to those who organized this event, we know it took a lot of effort!

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