Trey and Susan Adventures

Our weekend... Where to begin?


We found out about a month ago that our friends, Josh and Jennifer McDonald, were traveling from Texas to meet us at the Word Conference. It was a wonderful surprise and something that we eagerly anticipated. They arrived in Denver Friday morning and stayed until today (Sunday) . We put them to work shortly after they got here and they continued helping us throughout the conference. Outside of Conference time, we did a little sightseeing, quite a bit of eating, and almost unstoppable talking. It was wonderful to catch up, talk about life and ministry, and just laugh together. It was so good to see their faces again!

Josh and Jennifer, thanks for all your needed help, your refreshing encouragement, your trusted friendship, and you coveted prayers. We love you and miss you already! Caleb and Phillip, thanks for sharing Mom and Dad with us for the weekend! I know they missed you!

Name Change

About a week ago Operation Outreach, Inc. officially changed its name to Think the Bible. The former name was a good one and stood for many years, but the new name gives a clearer picture of our intention and direction as a ministry. This has been in the works for a little while, but we couldn't say anything until now.

Word Conference

The Word Conference was our first official conference. It was good to have Josh and Jenn there to help set up our booth. The physical help was nice, but their input and opinions about how things looked, or should look, was most helpful. We were one of about twenty exhibitors and while most exhibitors were quite disappointed about the low turnout (about 400 - 500 rather than 1,500 - 2,000) it was a good first conference for us. We never felt rushed or overwhelmed and had plenty of time to talk to other exhibitors to get ideas for the future. We also had time to talk to the attendees to get a feel for talking with the folks in this environment. We didn't take time to get good pictures (foolish error on our part), but here is a snapshot  of our booth in a very dark corner of the room.

The theme of the conference was "Speaking up for the Bible in an Age of Skepticism." We were able to attend all the main sessions and some of the breakout sessions. We learned a great deal.

Friday evening Susan admired a woman's water crocheted bottle cozy. Saturday morning the lady returned to the exhibit booth with different colored cozies and let Susan choose her favorite. What a sweet thing to do. Susan used that cozy to hold the Diet Coke thoughtfully given to her by Josh and Jenn! It was almost like Christmas!

Overall, the conference was a great experience for us. While we would have liked an opportunity to talk to some more folks, but our main goal was to attend a conference and gain some experience and knowledge as conference exhibitors. This goal was accomplished better than we imagined.

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