Trey and Susan Adventures

We drove to Lincoln, NE on Thursday, August 25th. It was a long day, but Trey did a great job behind the wheel. We would usually stop after four hours of driving, but the Kansas temps for Thursday were supposed to be near 100* and the Lincoln temps were only in the mid 80’s. I guess our priorities are evident.

Friday we went to the Whites to visit for a bit. It was good to catch up with them. We also picked up our mail. (Thanks Meggie and Poppy for faithfully forwarding our mail.) We also had a surprise from Matt and Amy Cox. They sent a curiously heavy box. We couldn’t imagine what it could be. Trey opened it up and found cans and cans of Goya Black Beans. Besides being a great and thoughtful gift, it made us feel loved.  We ate beans and rice for dinner with one of our “Texas-Cox” cans.

Thanks Matt and Amy for your thoughtfulness!

Saturday morning we rode our bikes to McDonald’s for breakfast and then on to the Farmers Market downtown. The had more fresh vegetables than last month, but all we bought were green beans.

After that, we went to the Whites because the electrician was supposed to dig a trench and run the 50 AMP power to where our trailer will eventually reside when we are in NE. We wanted to be there to see if we could help. While we couldn’t really help with the electricity, we both know how to use a shovel and could certainly move dirt.

They had a trencher (like a large dirt chain saw) so we didn’t need to dig the trench (whew!)

The trench was about 200 feet. It went from the back of the pole barn (where Susan was standing with the camera) across the drive to the corn crib (red building behind Trey). The plan is to park our Fifth Wheel between Trey and the pole barn right over the top of the trench. We still need to get the old gate posts torn down and road base laid. The tree guy is supposed to come tomorrow to do a little trim work here and in other places around the property. It will be a very nice temporary home!

Once the trench was dug and the cable was laid, we began back filling and packing the trench. The trench was dug to 30” deep. We filled about 4-6”, then watered it and packed it, then filled it, then watered it, then packed it. All 200 feet of trench. The only packing tools were two sledge hammers. Once the dirt rose to within a foot of the top, Susan decided her feet could do just as good or better than the head of the sledge. She was right. After that, she became the sole packer of the top 12”.

It was a hot and tiring day, but it felt good to work outdoors.

Rode our bikes to church Sunday. It was kinda nice to walk into church and be remembered. Being a constant visitor is a bit of a drag.

Since then, we’ve mostly worked on stuff at home. There was a huge thunderstorm this morning, but the weather has been nice all other times (sorry Texas). We have taken bike rides most mornings and evenings. Makes up for not riding at all the last two weeks.


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