Trey and Susan Adventures

After leaving Springfield, MA, we drove to Littleton, NH. It has been so lovely here! We've driven some wonderfully scenic roads and have seen portion of the White Mountains. 

This is a view of Old Man of the Mountain from Profile Lake how it looks today. 


This is how it looked in 2003.


It was relaxing just enjoying the beauty of creation surrounding us. Everywhere we drove, we saw wondrous scenes around us.






Our third day out, we planned to visit Mount Washington, where there's some of the most severe weather in the world. However, we were stymied by the presumed limitations of our scooter. We were disappointed, but we decided to make the most of our time and view the mountains under different weather conditions.


We remained dry for most of our ride, but once we drove high enough, we found ourselves driving into the clouds and were misted until we got to lower elevation. This photo was taken just as we were riding out of the cloud. While in the cloud, it was like we were in very thick fog.


The next day Susan's friend, Jan, and her husband, Gary, drove over from their vacation in Vermont to spend the day with us. They are New Yorkers and spent many vacations camping in the White Mountains in previous years. They knew the area like it was their second home.


We walked the Flume and enjoyed nature's air conditioner our entire walk up the canyon. The air was probably 20* cooler in the Flume.



We also visited the cog railway side of Mount Washington. We did not take the cog rail up, but watched a few trains leave the station and make their way up the mountain. It is a 3 hour round trip.


On our final day in this area we ran a few errands in town before the rain came. On our way back to the campground, a woman stopped us to warn us of a bear just ahead. The bear had walked off into the woods, but she was out there walking alone. We drove very slowly the last 1/4 mile to the park so that we could be of assistance if the bear returned. Not sure what we could have done, except make noise to scare him off. We just didn't feel comfortable leaving her there alone. Because of the lack of rain in NH and VT, bears have been approaching populated areas searching for food. We didn't want her to become an early lunch.


Speaking of wild animals, there were all kinds of Moose signs, but we didn't see any moose. Someone told us it was too warm for them to come out right now. It seems a heat wave has been following us for weeks now. It got to 95* in NH while we were here. We realize it is not the 105* temps Texas has been experiencing, but "hot and humid" is pretty miserable anywhere.

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