Trey and Susan Adventures

Although we left Goshen, we still had another week in Indiana. We moved to the southern part of the state and stayed at the CERAland Campground. CERAland is a campground that used to be owned by Cummins and was transferred to the local community a while back. It is a large facility with baseball fields, putt putt golf, shooting and archery, and so much more. We were there to do a couple of safety seminars and weigh some RVs. The path from the campground to the main building was a little over 1/2 a mile and we walked it several times each day. We could have ridden the scooter, but the air was crisp and the scenery was beautiful so we walked. Here are a few sights we passed on our daily walks. You can see that Autumn had arrived here. We hoped it was a small glimpse of great things to come.





After we finished with the Rally, we drive to TrailerSaver in Kentucky to get our hitch checked out. We don't know how old out hitch is. It came with the truck when we purchased it almost five years ago and since we were only a couple of hours away from its birthplace, we thought we'd get it checked out by those who built it. We pulled into the TrailerSaver parking lot Sunday evening and parked on the RV pad they had for customers. Here was our view Monday morning.


We pulled the truck around to the shop about 8 AM and by 10 AM they had the hitched diagnosed and repaired. We didn't even have time to figure out where our next stop was. Although TrailerSaver was bought out by a larger company years ago, the previous owners still work there. While the husband fixed our hitch, we talked to the wife about full timing and technology. We gave her a quick tour of our set up and it seemed the next moment the hitch was finished. BTW, everything on the hitch was fine - our Holland-Binkley head was a bit worn so we replaced it. When the husband came outside to inspect the hitch and our hook-up, he mentioned that his wife was certainly fired up about hitting the road after talking to us. We weren't sure whether to say "We're sorry" or "You're welcome!"

Once we left the TrailerSaver lot, we decided to take a quick detour by Ft Knox. Visitors without specific business on the base are not welcome. That was kind of a bummer, but we did get a photo of the US Bullion Depository.


After our quick driveby tour of Ft Knox, we drove to Lexington, KY to see horse and bluegrass country. We stayed at the Kentucky Horse Park and drove around the horse farms the next day.

It was a cool day, but the scenery was beautiful. Here is a typical road.


There are the horse pastures everywhere you looked. All around Lexington are large horse facilities with excellently manicured fields.


The fences surrounded every parcel and divided the country side into smaller segments.


Most of the fences in the Lexington area were black, but we did see a few white ones.


Trey wondered out loud about the wandering trees in Kentucky. When Susan asked what he meant, he just said that many of them had fences presumably to keep them from going astray. Hmmm, makes sense.


The other thing we saw that had a history in the area were tobacco farms. Because it is fall, the tobacco had already been harvested and was drying in barns. We aren't big fans of tobacco, but it was very interesting to see.


Kentucky was a nice little detour before heading to the Appalachians to try to find more Fall color.



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