Trey and Susan Adventures

Love America's Heartland!

...and that is a good thing, because we will be here for a while.


We had a good week at the fairground in MinneSOta where there is and olsen/olson road or shop in every town. We rested, began to get caught up on work, and finally got back into somewhat of a routine. I know many folk think routines are boring, but many weeks of uncertainty leads us to be quite thankful for a few days in a row of monotony.

We took evening walks when the weather permitted and saw a few interesting things. There is a 4H dog show comning soon and one evening they had practice in the field in front of our RV. Kids ranging in age from about ten to older teens were running their dogs through the course, getting tips from the dog/people trainer.


We pulled our chairs to the front of the RV and had an evening's entertainment watching them fail and succeed in the learning process. They all worked really hard. Too bad we couldn't hang around for the real show!

On another day, the circus came to town. In the picture below you can see how close they were to our campsite.


They began setting up about 6 AM and looked like they were ready for the show by shortly after noon. Most of the tents were removed by midnight after the second show and they were gone by 6 AM the next morning. They were doing shows in five other MN towns in the next week. What a schedule! We got some work done during that 24 hour period, but took many breaks to see how things were progressing. While we did not go to a show, we did find great entertainment in watching the work that went into getting ready for a circus. Oh, and elephants! We saw the elephants!

We also had a very odd thunderstorm move through our area. About midnight one night the lightning began. We are used to TX lightning where you get very bright flashes of light, then a loud crack of thunder. In this storm, there were constant flickers of light all around and rumbles of distant thunder. For about 20 minutes it was like someone was standing at the sky's light switch turning it off and on 100 - 120 times a minute. It just wouldn't stop. We don't know if that is normal for this area, but was a good night to open the curtains and watch the light show.

On a final (good) note. Our new tenant was gracious enough to send pictures of the newly decorated house because she loves it so much. It was quite charming and she put much thought into the arrangements. Trey thought it might have been the nicest the house has ever looked (Susan probably agrees).

We are currently about an hour south of our previous location in a small town surrounded by corn fields. This is the town where Winnebagos are made. We are staying in the visitors center parking lot for the week and hope to see some cool things here (and no, we are not looking for a new RV)

We love small towns and small town people. We love the relaxed pace of life in farmland areas. And we love corn. We don't plan to leave corn country until after the last ear matures.


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