Trey and Susan Adventures

We left Capitol Reef National Park with much better driving weather. That did not mean, however, that it was a safe driving day. Here is what we encountered about an hour into our trip.



Three cows walking down the center of the highway. Off in the distance you can see a few cowboys on horses trying to catch up to them.


The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful, but the scenery was pretty.

We stopped in Green River, UT to fuel and find an internet signal. We needed to make reservations at our next stop, but had no service near Capitol Reef. Parked in the back of the Pilot station where we stopped, we saw two friends.


They weren't home at the time, so we grabbed a quick bite to eat and did a little research to find a place to stay in Moab. Once our friends returned, we pulled out the chairs and chatted for a bit. We got so caught up in conversation that we visited much longer than we planned and decided to stay the night in the parking lot. Moab was pretty much booked for the night anyway.

The next morning, we said our goodbyes. The two couples were traveling north. Vern and Chris would stay in Kalispel, MT for the summer and Jeff and Cindy planned to head toward Alaska unless something better came along.

We arrived in in the Moab RV Park shortly after lunch and pretty much unhitched our trailer and left. We could only get two nights in Moab and we needed to see two national parks while we were here. There was no time to waste! The sky was quite threatening, so we didn't unload the scooter, we just drove the truck. It might seem strange to take a semi into a national park, but we weren't the only ones. We passed this guy a couple of times on park roads.


Arches National Park is said to have 2,000 arches within its borders, but we didn't see that many. Here are a few of the named arches we saw.

This one is the double arch for obvious reasons.


The Windows (There is another small arch to the left of the one shown)


Landscape Arch (the widest arch in the park)


Delicate arch (the park icon)


and many nameless arches we just saw from a distance.


The drive through the park had things to see other than arches. This is the Great Wall.


Balanced Rock is another famous park feature and something you can see from the park road.


The distant canyons we beautiful and something that isn't captured well on camera.



We got a few sprinkles on our walks, but the rain didn't get bad until we were leaving. It was a cold, wet rain and we were thankful we left the scooter on the truck.

The rain stopped for a bit once we got back to the trailer so we could get electric and water going without getting drenched. We finished getting the trailer set up, ate a small dinner, and did nothing else for the evening. This has been a very busy week!

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