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Zion is a beautiful park! There are four sections, we did two: the Main Canyon and the East Entrance. Since we camped on the East side, we did the east entrance each time we entered the park. The landscape is pretty surreal.




The sandstone formations and the patterns on the surface changed throughout the drive and we saw something new each time we drove it.





We also did a hike on the east side: the Canyon Overlook Trail. It was supposed to be a short easy hike so decided to try it on our way into the canyon on our final day here. Oops! Susan remembered it wrong. It was a moderate one mile hike in and out along a canyon wall. There were several places where you had to tread carefully because of drop-offs. Loose sand on top of the sandstone made some of this even more precarious.

E_OverlookTrail02       E_OverlookTrail01

Here is a shot out of a cave-like formation we passed through.


This shot is looking back. The dark portion to the left is the cave-like area and you can see where we walked along the side of the cliff where the path jutted in and out. The bridge in the distance is close to where we began. This is about the half-way point.


The reward at the end of the hike was the view. A 1+mile tunnel connects the east side of the park from the main canyon. The switchbacks you see in the picture below are after the tunnel going down to Zion Canyon Scenic Drive.



The main part of the park was Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. This is where we spent most of our time. We did couple of hikes and quite a bit of exploring.




The views were so immense that we could not get back far enough for the camera to take it all in.


The colors we so vivid: reds, yellows, oranges, whites.


Everywhere you looked was another wonder to take in.


This was an evening shot with an almost-full moon. You can see Zion Arch in the center of the picture. The overlook we hiked to ended just above that arch.


We rode the shuttle up and down the canyon learning a bit more from each driver. For example, one of the canyon walls is so high that it takes climbers 2 ½ days to reach the top. They carry all supplies, about 80 pounds of stuff, on their backs. This includes food and water, waste needs, climbing equipment, and a cliff hammock for sleeping. We saw a pair of climbers about a third of the way up, they still had a day and a half to go!

One hike, called the Riverside walk, was two easy miles. It ended at the Narrows. The Narrows is the most popular hike in the park. It is at the upper end of the canyon and the walls are so close that most of the hike is in the river because there is no river bank. We walked as far as we could until we had to get in the river.


We weren't prepared to get wet, so we turned around at that point. It would have been cool to see what was around those walls and we will hike the narrows if we are able to return and spend more time here.

A smaller part of the park, Kolob Terrace Road was under construction and many places were gravel. We don’t do gravel on the scooter, so that will have to wait. The far west side of the park is Kolob Canyons. Our original intent was to stay on this side of the park for a day to explore a couple of trails, and the overlook but we couldn’t find an RV park close enough (and large enough) to justify that excursion. These are just two more reasons we need to return here!

Zion National Park was another feast for the eyes! If you have not had the opportunity to explore our national parks, you should find a park to visit. We have not been disappointed yet!

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