Trey and Susan Adventures

We have been in the Gorge four days now. Most of the time has been spent working. It has been good time - breakthroughs for both of us! It is not all work, however. We took some time on Wednesday to go sight seeing.

We decided to drive the Historic Columbia River Gorge Scenic Highway to take in some waterfall hikes. The portion we drove was about a 40 mile stretch  road and almost took the whole day! There were just way too many things to stop and see!

The highway was originally built in the early 1900's and was later replaced with Interstate 84 which runs parallel to it. You can find many more images here.  After we returned home we found out there was a rock slide along the Historic Highway about a month ago. We saw where shoulder construction was being done, but had no idea that it had happened last month.


Here is a picture of a trail to one of the falls. I think this might be the only flat portion we walked all day! In this area, you are either walking uphill or downhill. We were thankful that all the falls were less than a mile from the parking areas.


The following pictures are the falls we visited. We did not get a picture of he first falls we came to, Elowah Falls. We hiked up, then down, then up, then down for over 1/2 a mile. We looked and ahead and the trail had five switchbacks downhill to get to the falls. This would be the first in a series of falls we were to visit. Since it wasn't even on our original list of falls, we decided to cut our losses and turn around without seeing the falls. It wasn't grouped with the others, how good could it be? Once we returned home, we Googled Elowah Falls and realized we had missed a gem. We might have to go back once the blister on Susan's foot heals.

We did not skip any other falls and had a wonderful day enjoying God's creation. Unfortunately, the sun's position and mist on the camera lens made most of our pictures less than perfect. We hope we got the correct name of each waterfall. At some point, all falling water begins to look similar.

Horsetail Falls


Latourell Falls


Multnomah Falls - we walked up to the bridge shown here, but this was a better view of the full falls


Oneonta Falls


Bridal Veil Falls - our favorite.


We stopped at Vista House and got a couple of shots of the Columbia River (for the Howingtons).



We planned to be home for lunch, but it was 3 PM by the time we arrived in Troutdale (just east of Portland) and we (Susan) were famished! We decided to split a meal deal at Dairy Queen and save our meal at home for another day. Why do we continually miscalculate the time it takes for our short day trips? You would think we would learn by now. Across from the DQ was a fruit stand in the middle of a blueberry field. We bought 3 pounds of blueberries to freeze and eat with smoothies later. They will go great with the strawberries and pineapple we froze last week.


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