Trey and Susan Adventures


The HDT Rally in Hutchinson, KS was great! It was good to meet up with old friends and see many new faces. This year there were about 50 couples attending, most in their own rigs, but some in tents and some staying at nearby hotels.

Tuesday was truck picture day. We lined up all the trucks and the cars that accompany them and smiled for the camera. Here is a time-lapse video compiled over several hours. Don't worry, it is only about 5 minutes long.

Here is another video showing the view (mostly) from the ground.

There wasn't much spare time for photos and such. When we weren't working, we were visiting and catching up with other HDTers. It was a busy, but fun week! While talking to some friends from previous years, we discovered more popcorn lovers. Susan, Richard and Sharon decided to combine the Indiana popcorn, with the proven Agan popping technique. There were about ten of us piled into one RV to do taste tests. We popped five types of popcorn and seasoned each one differently to see what we liked best (Seasonings: butter & salt, bacon pepper, cheddar cheese, chocolate and sugar, and combinations of each. Cooking oil: coconut oil, bacon grease, peanut oil). They were all good and the batches were difficult to choose between, but we all agreed that the chocolate popcorn was the most unique.



The rally is now over and we have departed the campground. We didn't know where we were headed, but our goal was to go someplace pretty. As usual, that goal was not met. More in the next post.

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